We are reaching out to you to help us keep this website in a good shape. Yes, maintaining this website is not an easy task. And yes, it is also expensive. We are not asking you guys to give some of your hard earned money we don’t want it and we are not comfortable in that way. We will still be here to stay for freedom of information and to satisfy your entertainment needs. If you have more, its up to you to give some of that more.

All donations will be used to fuel the machine that makes this website keep flashing at peoples faces. We may also consider buying coffee from it. Never in our lives have ever tasted those  expensive coffees with names written on the cup. That would be completely un-anonymous to drink but damn, I wonder what it tastes like to drink a $4 coffee with a name on the cup.

“You can send any amount but please no less that $1 worth of cryptocurrency as it will only get dissolved in the blockchain as fees and we will not going to receive any of those precious donations.”

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*Note: All Transactions are completely anonymous, but you can still contact us if you want to include your Names/Aliases on this website. We prepared a dedicated page for your names to Thank You All our Donators.